I have recently moved to Nova Scotia to fulfill my dream of living back on the East Coast.

I met Dr. Jules Mantler more than a year ago and we immediately connected. Not only because of our shared holistic medical philosophy but equally important, our moral and ethical beliefs on how animals should be treated. For those of you that have not yet met her she is brilliant, enthusiastic and possess the best characteristics of all open mindedness, open heartedness and kindness. She has been extensively training with me for the last 7 months and I feel so happy and excited for all of you to meet her and support her in her journey. All I can say is you could not be in better hands.

Joining Dr. Mantler in this venture is Andrea Ring. My long time assistant, colleague and best friend she has completed her 4-year Human Homeopathic program and the 3-year College of Animal Homeopathic Medicine Program. Andrea is excited to be stepping into the position of Animal Homeopath. One that is long overdue and one that she is more then ready for.

Dr. Mantler has opened a beautiful new hospital named Healing Choices Veterinary Clinic that is housed within the after-hours Emergency Clinic, InterCity.

To book an appointment, call (604) 875-9030 or visit www.healingchoicesvet.com